Faith the chicken has no regrets about the dismissal from the Magazine “House 2”

A lot of questions about working in the magazine “House 2”. While the cat sleeps, and I can’t sleep (Vietnam +4 hours), tell all. I worked at the journal for many years, I’m afraid to even count how many. When I entered the office, took a job as a journalist on freelancing. I remember my first interview in a Clearing – it was Nastia Dashko and Sam Seleznev. If someone remembers them.
It took some time, I became an editor, then producing, then – Deputy editor-in-chief… I, of course, remember the time when the chief editor was Olga Buzova. It’s always editorial meetings were a special soul. I will never forget how she brought us a whole pot of salad, cooked!
But time passes and everything changes. It so happened that our chief editor, and I am happy for her and proud of, went to another country. In the magazine a lot started to change, and in my life. I met him there, where never expected to meet. I admit that when I faced the issue – the magazine or the project, I thought long and chose the latter for the simple reason that personal life is more important. Yeah, I tried to combine the position of editor-in-chief’s participation in “House 2”, but this proved impossible, and doing something halfway is also not for me. I quit my job.

Another frequently asked question – sorry I care or not. No! The magazine did for me very much, and I for him. I worked in the office in Golden, you can tell the years when we were in the office standing bag (!) letters from readers when we could until night to take another room in print, and then all together to go out to celebrate. So many things connected with the journal in my life. But the most important is the people with whom I worked. This is a separate story, occupying a significant place in my heart. As I said, time changes everything. Now the magazine has a slightly different life and the concept to which I have no relationship.