Faith hen Peter Shepel do not hurry with the wedding

Love and understanding between us many times more, because now a lot of the time we can spend alone. We continue to learn to agree among themselves, but I don’t believe that there are perfect relationships where everything is a hundred percent smoothly. No matter how much we swore none of us never thought that we can go our separate ways.
The most popular question in my social networks: “When your wedding will take place?” To answer this question, first should be a proposal of marriage. The proposals have not yet been, I Peter to these moments not pushing and not making conversation, because I know he really wants it to be a surprise, that moment was perfect. And it this point waiting, but until circumstances develop in such a way that the right situation he sees. Maybe he is planning, but such plans with me, of course, are not discussed. The main task today and for this year is to be happy, we need to be together, to grow and to go forward.