Ex-wife of Pennsylvania revealed the details of the death of the actor – 24???

The ex-wife of Russian actor Mikhail Derzhavin Nina Budennaya revealed details of the death of the artist. She reported about it in interview to TV channel “Zvezda”.

As it turned out, before his death, Derzhavin was in an unconscious state. The death of 81-year-old actor arrived on 10 January at about 08:00 in one of the hospitals Odintsovo, Moscow oblast. In the last two days Derzhavin did not come to.

Mikhail Derzhavin

Recall that on the death of Derzhavin became aware of the “Facebook” of the Moscow academic theatre of satire. Place and date of funeral of the actor will be known later.

In the filmography of Mikhail Derzhavin has such Soviet films as “Womanizer”, “save a drowning man”, “They were the first”, “My sailor”, “the Kiev area”, “Love under the pseudonym of”, “Three men in a boat not counting the dog”.