Ex-wife of Charlie sheen has left rehab

The ex-wife of notorious Hollywood actor Charlie sheen and mother of his two sons Bob and max-Brooke Mueller has left rehab’s walls after two months of being on treatment.

As reported by the Western media, the actress who treated addictions, really wanted to get back to the kids, and just went crazy off of them. At Christmas, the doctors decided to let the mother to the sons, and it went in her favor, but, returning to the walls of the hospital, Brooke again started to ask to the family. Then it was decided to let Mueller go home with the caveat that she will continue treatment and constantly interact with experts from rehab’s.
“For Brooke, the most difficult was the separation from children. She is glad that she was allowed to reunite with family. Every day Brooke continues to take treatment and be supervised by professionals, the day she gets tested for drugs and alcohol, undergoing various tests, saying that she returned to her old demons. It’s not easy, but she’s willing to do this, just to be next to Bob and max” — said the insider.
Friend Muller believes that for any price now will not return to old habits.
“I highly doubt that Brooke will be broken and take up the old. She fears she might lose Bob and max, and this is the most precious thing in her life. sober, she saw for them, mom was in adequate condition. I think she’s wised up lately,” said the girlfriend, 39-year-old actress.
Recall that while Brooke was in rehabe, the children looked after her mother. Why childcare was not involved their father is in a historic area of the Tire is still unknown.

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