Ex-wife does not give. the money from the sale of joint property

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan 44 years old were happily married with Tatiana Vlasova. There have been UPS and downs, conflicts and reconciliation, but the Union still collapsed because of the unwillingness of the actor to leave the country for the unknown in America.

The couple got divorced. . Went to an apartment in the center of Moscow, Vlasova house in Dallas.

It seemed that no conflict on the property grounds should arise.

Everyone got what they wanted. But in 2015, the actor became interested in Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, which under the master for 44 years. From this moment life Dzhigarkhanyan has changed, and not for the better. Ex-wife demanded that the property which was acquired during their life together, was divided in half and addressed with the corresponding claim in a Russian court, which ruled that these demands are well grounded and lawful.

Jigarkhanyan with the verdict agreed, gave the former spouse a power of attorney to sell the house America. Vlasov got rid of him for $ 10 million, but to give half of proceeds to my ex-husband is not in a hurry. Now with the help of lawyers, the actor intends to achieve justice.

Moscow apartment on the Arbat is now offered for sale, and the actor himself lives in a suburban townhouse.

The developments we’ll be following further.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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