Ex-wife Basharova publicly insulted Buzova

The actress discussed with subscribers to the talent of the singer

Niece of Emmanuel Vitorgan, 42-year-old Italian and Russian actress Ekaterina arharova shared his impressions in the capital of show Bella Potemkina in my Instagram. Recall that the “highlight” of the event was the appearance on the podium Olga Buzova, which demonstrated two designer dresses and performed their songs. Arkharov took video output performer, with very unflattering commenting on it.

“The priest is? There! The voice is? No! And the talent? I wanted to know what this singer talent,” she reasoned. Some time later, in the caption to the video, the actress admitted that fans Buzova showed a totally inadequate response to her post. “Against Oli, I have nothing. It is done! Caught your sabalaceae time and money,” said Ekaterina, comparing the angry fans with a flock of crows in another garden.