Ex-husband of Meraji Keri begs her not to ruin his career

Tommy Mottola, former husband of American singer Merii Carey, wrote an open letter to ex-wife asked him not to ruin his brilliant career.
67-year-old Mottola, who in 1993 was not only the husband young, but already ambitious singer. Five years they stayed in marriage, and during that time, Maria became a superstar, releasing their most loud albums Mariah Carey, Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly, Merry Christmas. Separated spouses are not the best way, and Tommy even once called his marriage to Carey, “the biggest mistake in my life.” Now, when they have nothing to share, Mottola wishes her well and asks her to come to his senses and stopped the destruction before it’s too late.

“Without a doubt, Maria Carey is one of the most outstanding singers of our time, and remains so during the last thirty years..” — Mottola wrote in an open letter published in Page Six. Tommy insists that “she is a world icon and treasure with incredible talent”, but what happened to her in new York – is simply unacceptable.
“What happened in new York, could not happen to anybody else! Those who engaged in technical support of performance Marii had better do your job..
My only advice that she has hired professionals, not Amateurs who will accompany her and help develop her career, and certainly did not advise her to plunge into something like a reality show!!! This is unacceptable!!! It has nothing to do with her credibility in the music world, her talent. Marie should take a step back, to think carefully and understand what to do next. I hope it will find its way to the specialists of management and will not lose their name and career,” wrote Tommy.
Recall that year, Carey began with a scandal. During the broadcast of the TV program Ryan Seacrest, Carey sang one of his songs, but not that were not included in the soundtrack, but not even trying to sing its own song, and generally acting weird.

After the scandal she threw a fit staff responsible for the technical side, but they deny their guilt. And really, how could they sing instead of her or force her to open her mouth under a soundtrack. In order to save face, Keri made guilty of what happened.. creative Director Anthony Barilla and dismissed him with the scandal.

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