Ex-husband Nargiz Zakirova hired killer

Nargiz Zakirova learned man, with whom she had been married for more than 20 years on the other sides. According to the singer, her husband Philip Balzano is a very strange and does things without thinking. One of such actions is that the man who hired the killer, before which is set an unusual task. Philip pays the stranger to 800 thousand rubles for the fact that the killer will extract the audio, which is Nargiz. There Balzano threatened with punishment to your stepson.

Surprisingly, the killer was conscientious man and turned to the singer with an offer to help her put Balzano behind bars. The man said he did not want to obey the order of the spouse of the singer. And willing to provide the information he requires, if Nargis will pay him 200 thousand rubles.

This offer is not Zakirov refused, that’s hard to say whether its conditions are met.

“I really fear for my life. After Phil has wrongly filed a lawsuit in court for my son, I realized that this man is capable of everything, — has shared with journalists Nargis. — I even admit that this blackmail of “killer” — another scheme Balzano Phil’s angling for my money. He has a huge amount of debt, and he is well aware that the only financial source in my face closed to him forever. Now the question of this correspondence in a social network with a “killer” deal lawyers Maxim Fadeev. My producer says that there is a high probability that in the near future we will have to temporarily hire me to security. I really want Phil Balzano left alone me and my family.”


Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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