Ex-husband, Hilary Duff is suspected of rape

Mike Comrie, the former husband of actress Hilary Duff and her father, her son Luke were at the epicenter of the scandal. The former athlete is suspected of rape, but he insists – intimate relationship was consensual.

According to media reports, Mike brought a certain woman in his Los Angeles home, where, as she claims in their statements, Comrie raped her several times. The victim immediately called the hospital and reported the rape to the police.
Mike was confused with this news. He admitted that he really had an intimate relationship with this woman, but insists it was consensual and no, he was not forced. Insiders report that at the time in the house Comrie was another woman, but that the relationship with the police does not go and claims against the former NHL player is not.
Meanwhile, in defense of the former son-in-law spoke to the mother, Hilary Susan. She said that Comrie was a Pussycat, and “a wonderful guy” and “victim” — just slanderers who wants to capitalize on his fame.
But of course, we remember how “charming” Mike on the eve of divorce, was out on the tiles in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles, making lewd suggestions to the visitors and waitresses. This trick Comrie was the last straw in the Cup of his wife and the next day, Hilary filed for divorce. By the way, she herself has not yet commented on the incident.

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