Ex-husband Dana Borisova quit my job to become a good father

For several months now, as the daughter of Dana Borisova regained father. Maxim Aksenov, who for several years took no part (according to the presenter) in the life of his daughter, suddenly imbued with a sense of fatherly duty, and even recently quit my job to spend more time with my daughter.

In a candid interview, Dana told us that in the last few years its relations with the former civil husband and the father of her daughter Polina was very difficult, and she doesn’t know why it happened. Maxim did not help them with money and did not participate in the life of my daughter, but in the last few months things have changed dramatically.
“Now there’s her dad, he quit his job to be a good father, he’s three and a half hours a day with her doing. My daughter so needs a daddy, especially now that age, when she stopped to listen, she needs a dad” — said TV presenter.
Borisov claims that he does not cherish tender feelings toward a former lover, and she is interesting only as father of her daughter. Dana I’m very glad that Maksim began spending time with Pauline, because she recently stopped listening and moved out for school. So, complained to Borisov, with the English language her daughter a very big problem, and the girl’s father, who worked as a top Manager in large companies, speaks it as a native. Here’s Pauline and a great opportunity and dad to come together and to learn the English language.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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