Ex-boyfriend uma Thurman sure that she is mentally ill

First amber heard was trying to convince the public that johnny Depp is mad, then Angelina Jolie expressed this assumption in relation to brad pitt. Now ex-boyfriend uma Thurman Arpad Busson is the same way and assures others that the mother of his daughter moon has gone mad and cannot for that reason raise a child.

The pair had been for a long time, suing for sole custody of Nicholas and war, as they say, all good.

Uma and Arpad have not been able to leave peacefully, because the process of determining the residence of their daughter filled with quarrels and scandals.

As stated Busson in court the real reason for his breakup with Thurman is that she is crazy, saying she suffers from mental illness. This should by the court be taken into account, and therefore 4-year-old Moon should live with dad for a safer existence.

In addition, according to Busson, Thurman every day taking three drugs for the treatment of depression, preventing them with alcohol, which clearly does not give the desired result. It is curious that a psychiatrist who examined the actress, not found, reasons for such strong statements. The doctors discovered in the Minds of “some attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity” and “learning disability”.

Recall that from 2007 to 2014 Thurman and Busson was in a romantic relationship, which, however, did not lead to marriage. In 2010, the couple had a daughter the Moon, for which the parents are now fighting. Other than the moon that Minds have two children from former husband Ethan Hawke: daughter Maya and son Levon.


Source: graziamagazine.ru
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