Ex-boyfriend of George Michael was trying to save him

Kenny Goss, a former lover of the legendary musician George Michael, who died at Christmas in his own house, in his last years the singer tried to save him, protecting from the use of drugs. The lovers lived in a civil marriage for 14 years and broke up in 2011, but all these years, men have maintained a close relationship. What Kenny asked father George to come to the farewell ceremony to be held presumably in early February.

“Kenny loved George. he was very fond of him, but they parted ways, Kenny began to lead a sober way of life, moved to Dallas, found a job.. He really wanted to help Michael, asked him to stop using drugs, ” said Taylor Garrett, a mutual friend of Kenny and George.
Garrett argues that Kenny always enthusiastically talked about Michael, even after they broke up.
“When you’re with someone for so long, you begin to reflect your partner. Kenny could feel Michael in the distance, they had a special relationship, and I am very sad that they ended,” said Garrett.
The last lover Michael Fadi Fawaz in the close environment of the deceased was referred to as a leech, allegedly even pocket money did he ask the rich lover. Last year and a half that George was Dating a hairdresser, many times he cast it, and even a Christmas night a young man spent in the house of the musician, and in his car.
“Fadi said that they were close with George. But how can it be that he left a close person to sleep in the car.. About Kenny, I’m sure they had a special bond. I think they never stopped loving each other,” said Garrett.
Recall that the reason for the death of George Michael could be a drug overdose. Due to the Toxicological examination of the body of the musician may not be transferred to the ground. Presumably, he will be buried on the island of Crete in the beginning of next month.

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