Ex-boyfriend Kafelnikov rapper Pharaoh swore at the audience at a concert in Sochi – 24???

Russian rapper Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin) insulted his audience at a concert at the ice Palace in Sochi.

The event LiveFest, which was made by Hook, Caste and Husky, clouded by a scandal involving a former lover Alesya Kafelnikov. Acting under the pseudonym Pharaoh the rapper was outraged by the low activity of the public. After failing to inspire the audience, he stopped his speech and turned to him with accusatory speech, threatening to finish the show, if the situation in the hall will not change.

Pharaoh swore at the audience at a concert in Sochi | the Social network “The rotten crowd, what I saw in the eighteenth year! Now you jump to this track with me. If I jump higher than you, then you are the sucker. Because it is not the same cheerful,” said Pharaoh from the scene.

After this speech, in which 21-year-old rapper used various obscenities, he turned to the audience backs and continued performance. Despite the offensive tone of the performer, he partially managed to achieve this — people began jumping to the beat of the music. But there were malcontents who said that the audience haven’t seen, reports L!fe.