Ex-boyfriend Heidi Klum talked about the relationship with their daughter

Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore, ex-boyfriend and the father of the daughter of a famous model Heidi Klum, said that does not communicate with her daughter Leni. When she was born her parents had parted, moreover, Heidi had already had relations with the singer Shiloh, which raised her child as my own.

In a recent interview with Briatore said that not the least bit misses his daughter.
“Laziness is only biologically my daughter. At the time of its birth, we are with Heidi and Shiloh decided that it would be better if the Forces will adopt. I believe that the child should grow up in a complete family..
I can’t miss that baby, whose eyes have not seen. I know that Laziness is not a lost child, and that she believes Power is his dad. Laziness is part of his family, Nathan is part of my” said Flavio. Recall that in marriage with Shiloh, Heidi gave birth to three more children.

Personal life Briatore has also changed since then. In 2008, he married model Elizabeth of Gregoraci, who bore him a son Nathan. C’s daughter to establish a relationship Flavio is not going to. Previously, they could from time to time to talk on the phone, but it soon became apparent that there is no need neither him nor his daughter. Education Leni millionaire completely put on the shoulders of Heidi and her now ex-husband Force that still considers the girl her child.

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