Ex-boyfriend Borodina decided to make plastic yourself and 11-year-old son

A former law enforcement officer, the star of “House-2” and the former beloved TV presenter Ksenia Borodina tries to do everything to be stronger foothold in show business, become a significant figure in certain circles. Earlier, Mikhail Terekhin for the sake of improving their appearance have used only to conservative methods – such as the gymnasium, Solarium or visit a beautician. Now Terekhin decided on a serious step. Michael wanted to correct the shape of their nose, that cannot be done without the intervention of a plastic surgeon. Intervention scalpel in appearance Terekhina happened about a year ago. Then the man even published a photo, which was captured after a rhinoplasty. However, some time later, Michael admitted that the result of the first operation did not suit him, so he decided to repeat.

Recently Teryokhin met with well-known in star circles plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan, with whom have already agreed to re-rhinoplasty. By the way, the men discussed another question, which this time concerned the son of Michael Daniel. Something Terekhin would like to improve and in the appearance of 11-year-old boy. Babayan agreed on this: “Mikhail Terekhin was unhappy with the new nose and decided to go to the Nut Babayan. Gayk Pavlovic, examining Misha decided to take on this operation. He says that Terekhina will be a beautiful Greek nose. Plus Mike asked, say, whether the nut attaching the ears sticking out his 11-year-old son Daniel. Hayk and will do it”, — told the whole truth about his friend Rustam Solntsev.

Note, incidentally, that while Michael corrects small flaws in the appearance of his 11-year-old son, his ex-girlfriend Ksenia Borodina protective of his daughter Marusya from former business partners. In anticipation of the weekend Borodin has published on his page in which he complained that the pictures Marousi illegally using her former business partners, while titling them as “old story”. The indignation of Xenia there is no limit: “Girls, that many of you here mom, how would you react to the fact that under a photo your child would have written “old story”?! As another hand rose to write?! Marusya — old story?! Children why implicate it! I understand that the scores using the children to score very easily, subscribers and pity from women, but my child’s I touch will never give and leave it! I asked Mary to take a picture because it was our family business, and my girl happily agreed! Continue to hang my pictures and friends! I again want to remind you that I have no right to prohibit the buying of things, but it is despicable and low to do so, touch the children! Continue to sit under my name and called Borodin Shop, avoid lawyers, but still the truth is on our side! Where their rebranding promised?” — wrote the star in Instagram.

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