Ewan McGregor is a favorite for the role of Dumbledore in the “Fantastic creatures and where they live 2”

Film adaptation of the book, Rowling’s “Fantastic beasts and where they live” that week in a row holds the leadership position at the box office.

This figure gave the creators a reason to hope that the second part of the film will be so successful because they have started work on the key aspects of the future of film.

So, previously it was announced that Eddie Redmayne starred in the first film, the second will be laid by the wayside. The main story the creators want to make the story interacting with Albus Dumbledore with Gellert green de Wald, played by johnny Depp.

If the performer of the role of green de Wald all is clear, the name of the actor who reincarnated into Dumbledore has not yet been determined.

It is reported that the most likely candidate for this role the producers see Ewan McGregor.

The casting of McGregor really is a logical argument – not only the obvious talent and charisma of the actor, but his age: this year, Euan has 45 years old, and the same at the time of the action the first part of “Fantastic creatures”, it was Dumbledore.

And you wanted to see McGregor in the role of the future mentor of Harry Potter?

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: bit.ua

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