Evgenia Feofilaktova failed to hide the lack of your feet

So, on one of their fresh images published by Eugenia, she tried using some cunning tricks to lengthen your legs. So, the girl, the train of her dress was lowered to the step below where the end of her legs. However, thanks to the care and observation of fans of “House 2” tricks of the former members was quickly exposed, the website life-dom2.su.

Haters are not lazy and corrected the photo, pririsoval feet exactly where they are in reality, and not where I would like Eugene. However, there were also those who defended the girls. According to fans, there is nothing surprising in the fact that for the photo Feofilaktova selects only a great angle, and some frankly confessed that there are also.

“I watched the draft all five years with the participation of Feofilaktova and something not noticed that she had a complex about my legs, I think on the contrary, it was seen that she likes them and wore short skirts, and generally believed his leg not long, but proportional” – was written by the fans of “House 2”.