Evgeni Plushenko boasted “catch” of the 9 buckets of mushrooms

What do we know about Evgeni Plushenko? He’s a great athlete, multiple winner of various Championships, including several Olympic games, he is the husband of producer Yana Rudkovskaya and the father of the boy Sasha. But, today it turned out that Eugene is also an avid super mushroom. On his page in Instagram the girl published a photo, which can only envy. In the picture the athlete shows off his “catch” in the form of a pile of sturdy white mushrooms.

“Really fabulous mushrooms and unique places we have on Peter! Sorry, only one day was able to escape!” – said Plushenko. And continued to tempt its users photos and videos.

“Hello! smiled on camera Eugene, cutting off another handsome mushroom. – Come on mushrooms: one, two, three, and there is the fourth visible. Go ahead. This Leningrad oblast, some kilometer – not tell.”

Many members of Eugene praised his enthusiasm and envy his “catch”, but there were also those who completely criticized athlete. The fact that the photos show that Plushenko should not have important rule when collecting mushrooms – not cut them neatly with a knife, so the root remains in the ground, and pulled out the mushrooms with him.


Source: wday.ru
Photo: wday.ru

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