Even after breaking up the male Salenko and Leroy frost continue to sort things out

In addition, judging by the announcement of the future broadcast, despite the fact that they stopped their affair, they continue to sort things out. And if before the conflict was limited to verbal exchanges, now it came to blows and blackmail, the website life-dom2.su.

Furious words Salenko, frost threatened to reveal the whole shameful truth, which promised to be silent, and were ready to carry out his threat, not prestige her team for such an ugly act. By the way, the male still for a moment lost his temper.

“Show-off, show-off and show-off again! Such dirt is poured on each other, it is even not dirt, it’s the real feces, and then lick each other! Such an abomination!”, “Valery long all screaming about the boomerang, he’s the one who caught her” – shared his opinion the audience of “House 2”.