Evelina Bledans responded to the accusations in PR due to the “solar” son

47-year-old Evelina Bledans is a mom of two sons. The eldest child of actress for more than twenty years, and a little semen – only four.

In your boy Evelina and her husband, Alexander Semin are doted. Caring parents try to give the child everything necessary at his age, especially in his condition. Simon, as many people say, “solar child”. The boy was born with down syndrome.

Life Seeds is very active and very interesting. Blenders often takes the child in various shooting events, where he learns many new things, meet new people.

It seemed to Evelyn, as a mother, you give a medal for bringing up a special child, but not all such life seems appropriate and sincere.

Some netizens believe that a child Bledans with her husband PR.

Evelina did not remain silent and admitted that it really is. That’s just no negativity this PR shall not be, and Vice versa – is useful: “Critics often write in social networks: “It is promoted with the help of his son!” To which I reply: “Yes, I PR people with down syndrome in the face of Seeds Semin!” Anyone else do this in our country? No! Only our family is not afraid to talk openly about this issue and to gather around him people who previously embarrassed to do it.”


Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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