Evelina Bledans divorced Semin: causes, what happened

48-year-old Evelina Bledans and 35-summer Alexander Semin for many was an example of the perfect family. In 2012, the couple had a son Simon, even during pregnancy, Evelyn reported that the boy had down syndrome. The couple decided to keep the baby.

A huge surprise was the recognition Bledans that a year ago he and Alexander divorced. All this time, the presenter created the illusion of a happy family, posting on social networks pictures with his son and ex-husband. Fans are genuinely happy that the house actress harmony reigns, but it was only a backdrop.

In an interview to Andrey Malakhov Evelina Bledans told about the divorce with Alexander Semin, and also about how there was her life after this event. The audience watched the broadcast transmission dedicated to celebrity, on the eve of Wednesday.

In recognition Bledans, once she and her husband signed a prenup. Now the former beloved settle disputes arising between questions concerning jointly acquired property.

Fans of the actress discussing news about her divorce. The tarragon in a hurry to calm them down – a celebrity again soon marry. The son of Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin thing had been going to divorce. As reported a couple, already in their third year of living together they started the problem, they realized they weren’t right for each other. The misunderstanding has grown every year and became irresistible. Difficulties arose from the parenting of a sick child. Recall that the couple has a son who is sick with down syndrome.

According tarragon Marina Abravitova, my husband Bledans very hard in nature which requires special attention. So Evelyn had to be torn between son and husband. The actress has always been the strongest in this League and took care of most problems. This situation has led to the fact that she’s just tired from such relations.

Despite the fact that Evelyn is now on the road to recovery from such abusive relationship, reason to feel sorry for her no. The tarragon stated that subsequently, Evelina and Alexander after rethink everything, will become friends and will work together to care for the son. Also clairvoyant predicts a complex process in the division of property between the former spouses.

The tarragon reports that according to her everything that happens to Bluelans. Soon she will undergo fundamental changes in his personal life, and the star again marry a man who is her destiny, and yet she needs to have rehabilitation and education of his son.

The couple have a five year old son Simon, born with down syndrome. Director Semin talked about how he attended his son’s disease. Have Bledans there is also a 23-year-old son Nicholas from marrying Israeli businessman Dmitry. He lives with his father in Israel.