Evelina Bledans divorced from her husband: he lost weight and found a new love

As it turned out, in the personal life of a famous actress Evelina Bledans most of the drama, which she carefully concealed. As it turned out, the actress has broken up with third husband Alexander Semin. Their joint personnel were touched by all, but few knew that the famous family something goes wrong.

So, the actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans divorced from her husband, producer and Director Alexander Semin. Long time star intentionally not shared details of his personal life. The woman created the illusion of a happy family, posting photos together with your ex-spouse and son Simon in social networks. No one could not think that Evelina Bledans finally broke up with Semin a year ago. Breakup with actress motivated Alexander to deal with them: he has lost 48 pounds and found a new love.