Evelina Bledans: “Again, myself, the bed to warm up”

The actress is going through difficult divorce with Alexander Semin

Recently Evelina Bledans posted on his Instagram a photo shoot with the sexy macho. Fans were happy for the favorite, and detractors protested that she recovered quickly after the divorce and found a new Beau. However, it was not like the picture.

First, the parting with her husband occurred a year ago, the actress just didn’t want to advertise this fact. Second, as a romance it is not, and is not expected in the near future. Her life now has only two outlets, admitted Evelyn: son of Simon and work.

“Again herself bed to warm up. Understand that it is possible somewhere to party if you want ( I’m a bird now freestyle), but to bring home another man I am unlikely to be able to…” (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx, Znamenitka) — wrote in his microblog Bledans. — “At least now I’m absolutely sure that won’t do it ever! And how would the “iron Felix,” I was not really hard…. hard…”.

It asked subscribers like they were going through a divorce? And how long in the shower would be a pain? Fans wished Evelyn to find a decent man who will appreciate her and not to offend.