Evan Rachel wood married musician Zach Villa

Jamie bell has recently made an offer to his sweetheart Kate Mare decided to keep him and his ex-wife. As reported by the Western media, Evan Rachel wood is also preparing to marry her boyfriend Zach he proposed to her.

The couple appeared at the ceremony of awarding prize of the screen actors Guild this weekend, and even then the paparazzi noticed the silver ring on the ring finger of a celebrity, the same adorned the arm of her boyfriend. In addition, during the evening, the artist presented a performance of her fiance. Reporters asked the representative of the pair and received a confirmation.
Recall that wood and Willie are relatively recent. Met a couple in 2015, while in the Los Angeles club. Several months later they formed the band Rebel And A Basketcase, recorded an album and successfully toured with it, showing not only mental, but creative collaboration.

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