Eva Mendes said, why not come for “Oscar”

Ceremony “Oscar-2017” could be a triumph for Ryan Gosling. The star of “La La land” called the main contender for the statuette. However, she went to Casey Affleck an for his role in “Manchester by the sea.”

Such an important and exciting for the ceremony itself, Ryan has spent in the company of his sweetheart and mother of his children Eva Mendes, and a sister. The journalists were very interested in why Eva accompanied Gosling to important events, but still she was silent. Only the Shape magazine Mendes decided to reveal all the secrets.

It turned out that eve did not come to support beloved simply because of the fact that she “loves spending time at home.”

“I love spending time at home. Instead of having to move from one red carpet to another, I’d rather hang with our girls,” admitted Eva. You see, the explanation is very strange, especially if you consider that “Oscar” is held once a year.

However, speaking on the subject of personal life on the eve refused and chose to tell you about, what place in her life is a sport: “In the offseason, I work out three times a week, but when preparing for some event or summer is coming, you attend training five times a week.”

Of course, don’t forget Mendes and nutrition: “I try to think of food as fuel for my body. I grew up in a family where constantly eating rice and beans, so I now include them in your diet. My dinner usually consists of salmon steak, rice or quinoa and salad”.

Source: aceshowbiz.com
Photo: instagram.com

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