Eva green and Gemma Arterton will show the women’s love in the film about Virginia Woolf

You know, what do Gemma Arterton and Eva green? Both Actresses at the time was “girls of James bond”, but that’s not the only thing that unites them. Soon eve and Gemma, we will see on the screen in the same project.

Actress approved on the main role in the new film directed Chania button (“No fluff, no ashes”), “Vita and Virginia” (Vita & Virginia).

In the film, you will learn about the relationship of the writer Virginia Woolf with a colleague Twisted Sackville West. Eva green will play Virginia, and Gemma Arterton, respectively, inherited the role of West.

Time period, which will be shown in the film, 1927-1928 years. Then Wolfe wrote the novel “Orlando”, the creation of which inspired by her relationship with West. Button promises that the film will combine “the true story of love, a study of creativity and fresh look to one of the most iconic writers”.

Date of commencement of filming and premiere of the film has not yet been determined.

It seems to us that it would be something very interesting.

We will remind, earlier the image of Virginia Woolf on the screen was embodied by Nicole Kidman. In 2002, she starred in the film “the Hours” — the film adaptation of the novel by Michael Cunningham. Adaptation turned out to be incredibly successful and even brought Kidman an Oscar for best actress (only the picture was nominated in nine categories), and about 30 different awards.

I wonder whether the new movie to achieve such success?


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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