Eurovision-2018: Yurcash said to participate in the national selection with the song “Don’t love killing” (VIDEO)

In the broadcast channel to the STB 30 Dec lead singer of Yurcash (the Yurcash) Yurko Yurchenko said that he had applied for the national selection “Eurovision-2018”. On the stage of the Grand gala concert of the show “X-factor” season 8, the group presented the song with which we intend to win the vocal contest.

December 30, was held the gala-concert show “the X factor” season 8, which was named the winner of the project. The majority of the audience voted for Mike Panchyshyn, who received unprecedented support STB for the sum of 1 million hryvnias. Group Yurcash, who took the second place of honor, also received the prize — shooting of the new video.