Eugene Osina third degree of alcoholism

Horrific details from the life of singer Evgeniya Osina shared TV presenter Dana Borisova. It turns out that the former star of the 90s has already reached the third degree of alcoholism.

Dana says that when Aspen was taken to rehab, he was in very bad condition. Eugene drank more than five consecutive days, so couldn’t even speak clearly. He couldn’t eat and he lost feeling in his legs.

According to Borisova, today Evgeny Osin has gradually returned to his normal life.

Of social network users really pissed off the words of the presenter that in a clinic in Samui rehabilitation costs 700 thousand rubles and the money to help the stars to find is not a problem. Most users angrily said that these funds should be directed to the treatment of sick children, not on those who himself from his star fell in all serious, and now disentangle.