Eugene Gusev told about the plans of education my son

Eks-the participant “House 2” said that he decided instead of kindergarten to give Daniel the educational courses and plans in early September to take him to the casting production center. In addition, Jack shared with subscribers of his initiative, according to which, Gusev, Jr. will go to school, where classes are conducted in English, the website life-dom2.su.

Told Jack about the hobby. Eugene noticed that her son was more interested in creative direction, which means that next year soccer will remain at the level of a hobby. The girl is not going to impose his son and the business model, preferring to develop your child in different directions.

“Instead of kindergarten, I want to give a son for developmental activities. In early September we will go to the casting in the famous production center. I also enrolled the son in school, where classes are taught in English language – shared Eugene. Football will probably remain a hobby. Notice that his son is more interested in the work, not sport. In the business model I Deni not pitching, just from time to time we are invited to the screening. Want to develop the son in different directions. I think the kids should be a pleasure to go to class”.