Eugene Alayev believe in the sincerity of Nikita Kuznetsov


Until recently, I didn’t want to make any comments about the magazine, but after I saw the air and drowned him everything, including his girlfriend, decided to write a post, so as to gloss over the truth will be ugly. I never thought that because of a harmless conversation with a journalist, will result in such nonsense. Our dialogue with him began with the fact that Darin was crying, she heard rumors that we met with Nikita. I explain that no, we saw him for a long time, just for the weekend (more precise, when he had a vacation (and it was in February!). Then I asked, well, you write to him, I said, when he went back we were texting, but then had a fight and stopped. I asked why not a girl and its forbidden us to communicate, I smiled and said no. We fought about the moment, not related to the show, Nikita and himself, I understand, do not understand why. The conversation lasted a minute, but it sucked all to show all unwanted light for Nikita.
After a few episodes, I saw Nikita about this girl, and I can say with absolute certainty that he is in love. All he is accused of insincerity that he beats women and he’s not that real, it was too cute and nice. I saw him real, caring, just the way he was with me then, for a long time. When he read stories before going to sleep, were on hand and prepared dinners. He never raised a hand to me, and when were conflicts and kissed and hugged. It is a fact, he fell in love. And now he the most that neither is real. In conclusion I will say, I would not be able to accept, even to look at another woman, what could be the relationship outside the perimeter? And Yes, I am in Israel for more than 2 months. Draw your own conclusions.
[Author: Evgeny Alayev]