Erica’s mouth Koshevoy looks terrible. Photo

So, the identity of Erica Koshevoy known to many fans of the TV show that just before the appearance of the Perimeter, she decided to change her sex from male to female. Remained in the memory of fans of telestroke and her episode with the “magic” in the Perimeter, but leave “Home “, the girl was not able to build their happiness, the website life-dom2.su.

However, thanks to the perfected plastic surgery body, she still managed to get a love intrigue. However, the real shock was experienced by the fans, looking at the sewn up lips by Erika, which the girl hurried to show on the network. In addition, Kicheva admitted that for the past two days after surgery to remove the gel she eats nothing really feels and looks just wonderful.

“And why would we, guys? We’ll drop her knickers, and see it – TRANS! Hmm…doesn’t add up the balance!” – in comic form commented one of the fans of the youth television show.