Epiphany bathing 2018: when swimming in the hole

Swimming in the hole remains the most important ceremony of the great feast of the Baptism of the Lord. In 2018, the date of the event remains unchanged.

Epiphany, or Theophany, is one of the most important religious events. Once this day occurred the baptism of Jesus Christ and his recognition as the son of God. Epiphany bathing is an ancient Russian rite, which some people spend annually. In 2018 and you can follow a proven tradition, but to do it will be on January 18th after evening Church services. Typically, most people will bathe in ice-hole in night from 18 to 19 the number, but you can dip in the plunge pool during the feast of the Epiphany on January 19.

The history of the event

From the annals we know that the baptism of Jesus Christ took place in the waters of the Jordan river. This event occurred in Vifur — that’s where our Savior met John the Baptist, who baptized the son of God.

After Jesus Christ left the pure waters of the Jordan, on his shoulder sat a dove, and from Heaven a voice came, which said that from that moment he recognized the Son of God. Witnesses to the event realized that in front of them a righteous man, and began to turn to him for help.

Now people continue to believe that, having bathed on 19 January in the hole, you can get rid of the sins and also to provide ourselves with health for the whole year. You can see this, if they take the rite in 2018.

The meaning of Epiphany bathing

Surely most people have heard about the old Russian tradition to swim in the ice hole at the Baptism, but many sometimes don’t understand what is the purpose of the rite. As usual, in ice cut through the cross, which then is sanctified by the priest. It is believed that only after that the water begins to have healing properties that not only have a positive impact on your health, but also help to cleanse the body and soul from the sins committed earlier.

Before you plunge into the hole, be sure to consult your doctor and only after that perform the rite. It is impossible to come into water in an alcohol intoxication, or on a full stomach. Before you commit to bathing, be sure to visit the Church. No need to approach God with a specific prayer you can just pour my heart out and ask the Almighty for help.

How to perform the ritual bathing, not to get sick

Despite all the positive aspects of this ritual, after bathing in the water in cold weather there is a risk of getting sick. The doctors say that if you follow the simple rules, the further unpleasant consequences can be avoided.

Once you remove the clothing immediately dipped into the water. The longer you freeze, the higher the chance that after bathing you will get sick.

No need to jump into the water dramatically: first go to the knee, and then wash. Do not have to go into the hole completely.

In cold water need not be more than 15 seconds. If you have any need to leave the hole too early, don’t be afraid to do it.

After you leave the hole, be sure to quickly wipe with a towel and wear warm clothes.

After the ceremony in any case not warming alcohol. First, it is considered a sin, and secondly, it is unlikely they will be warmer. Immediately after bathing, doctors recommend to go in the room and hot tea.

In this great religious celebration, like a Baptism, rites and rituals gain special power. With the help of the Epiphany of divination you can learn what to expect in the near future. Wish you happiness and good health,