Energy things: that destroys personal happiness, and that attracts love

The objects around us exert a strong influence on our energy. Some things are able to attract happiness and love, and some, on the contrary, destroy family harmony.

Specialists in bioenergetics claim that love energy is very fragile and the most susceptible to outside influence. It is therefore important to pay attention to things that are in your home. We often do not attach importance to the accumulations of old things in the closet or on the balcony, meanwhile, they can have a direct impact on our personal happiness and homely atmosphere. If your house has frequent conflicts, or you suffer from prolonged loneliness, check if you have things that can negatively affect you. If any, try as soon as possible to get rid of them and replace with items that attract happiness.

In ancient times people knew about the energy of things and tried to make things that bring the family harmony and happiness, take pride of place in the house. This partly explains why marriages strong and happy, because in love, every nuance. With this knowledge you can use now. Specialists in bioenergetics have compiled for you a list of items that should not be in the house of a happy man, and things that will help you strengthen the harmony.

What things push love away

Cracked crockery. Utensils used in the home most often, so having a powerful influence on energy for all households. Dishes and cups with chips and cracks ruining the aura of people, so the house is starting to emerge the conflicts and disagreements, and happiness evades this house party. If your family happiness begins to break down or you are unable to find love, get rid of the dish, which served its time.

Dry flowers. Many people use dried flowers as decor, not knowing that they are destructive energy. The energy of decay and stagnation is automatically transferred to all the inhabitants of the house. To your feelings and marital happiness began to wither and dry after the flowers, from decorative compositions better to get rid of.

Deposits of unnecessary Newspapers, boxes and old things. A large number of unused items creates stagnant energy, and love energy always needs to be updated. To happiness it’s in your home, you need to “clear” a spot for it. Throwing junk you let in the house with positive energy and love and feelings will not keep you waiting.

This does not exhaust the list of items that can destroy love and family harmony. To push happiness can certain plants, household items and even decorative paintings. Negative energy to a positive overlap, it is necessary to have in your home were things that attract happiness and love.

That will attract love and help to save the relationship

Experts say that to attract positive energy may be a few things. First and foremost is the family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation through the female line. But they will be a strong love mascot only if all women of your sort were happily married. Also to attract love can special things, charged at the power point. Places of power on earth, not so much, so create this mascot is almost impossible. However, you have the opportunity to get ready the amulet, charged with your energy. To do this, just go to this link.

The Slavic amulet of love created by all ancient traditions. Such talismans was certainly in Slavic families — often they were presented to the newlyweds for a gift for a wedding and subsequently followed them throughout life, protecting spouses from the negative effects and enhancing love, understanding and trust.

Slavic amulet has not lost its power now. Created by all the canons and a charm for your energy, it will attract to you happiness. If you suffer from loneliness, the amulet will help you to find your love: it will attract into your life new friends and help to find a man that destiny has chosen for you.

Slavic amulet will strengthen the harmony in the family, will help to overcome differences and return to a long relationship the passion and bright feelings. A couple who is protected by such a talisman of love that nothing can destroy.

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Let your every day be filled with joy and love, and the problems and loneliness will remain in the past. The Slavic amulet of love will help you to find happiness and keep it for years to come.