Emma Watson met with the parents of her boyfriend

26-year-old Emma Watson is actively engaged in the development of their career. This year should get two films with the actress in a leading role – “beauty and the beast” and “Sphere”.

But on the personal life of the star of the “Harry Potter” time is also. For just under a year Emma is in a relationship with an IT specialist William knight.

The paparazzi didn’t fall out it is possible to photograph the couple together. Watson secretive in matters that concern personal life and does not want to advertise the details. In this sense, her opponent became the mother of William, who told the press about the relationship between the pair. It turned out, Emma and William have already introduced each other to their family, which suggests that the pair has moved to a new level and configured in relation to each other very seriously.

Catherine, the mother of knight, admitted that the sons are not often pleased her by his appearance, so the arrival of her son together with his girlfriend began for the family a real treat.

She also confirmed there will be no objection to see miss Watson as his daughter-in-law. It remains to wish the star of happiness in your personal life, because her previous novels was not successful, as many of the beloved Emma could not stand her public life.

Note that knight is a very worthy party for Watson. It is known that he was older actress for 10 years, living in America, graduated from Princeton University, is a senior Manager at Medallia, called a computer genius and takes part in cross-country marathons.

Previously Emma Watson was named “Woman of the year”.


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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