Emma Watson liaises with colleagues in the “Harry Potter”

The shooting of the franchise, “Harry Potter” to its creators took ten years. For many of the actors used in the movie, it was a big part of life, it is not surprising that at the conclusion of the “Harry Potter” they tried to save the relationship and try to communicate until now. How this happens, said the role of Hermione Granger Emma Watson.

The actress admitted that social networks are “saved” her contact with friends and colleagues, because it is through them that she maintains contact with them.

For communication with Rupert Grintm, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma thanked the rest of the application WhatsApp.

“We even have our own chat WhatsApp, which is signed by almost all members of the main cast “Harry Potter”,” said Emma in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I get constant support from their former colleagues.”

I wonder whether to support the friends Emma, when her barrage of criticism because of a shooting for Vanity Fair?

Previously, Emma Watson commented on his exposure for the gloss.


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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