Emma Watson has strayed from the principles and first showed Breasts

Less than two weeks to the big screen will be a new film with actress Emma Watson – screen version of the disney tale “beauty and the Beast”. Of course, in the film Emma embodies the image of the beauty, Belle. In connection with the premiere of this feature film, Vanity Fair magazine decided to make the actress the heroine of your new number.

On pages of the edition there was a very provocative photo shoot the Brits, where she stripped and showed Tits. Privates actress covers only a delicate wrap Bolero.

It is necessary to tell that fans of the star of the “Harry Potter” was shocked to see her almost naked, after all, before Emma defended a completely opposite position, and was sure to show his bare body – the top vulgarity, “What sexy is to say: “my Breasts and a short skirt, look what I have”? I think the smaller the better. The less you show, the more interesting. I have no desire just to shock people. Of course, if Bertolucci invited me to play, and for the role needed to be naked, I would do it. But to show the chest, just to prove that I’m not Hermione Granger is stupid”.

In an interview with reporters from Vanity Fair, Watson spoke about some of the aspects of their lives. For example, Emma openly spoke about how the book changed her life and influenced her communication with the father: “the Book helped me to reunite with my father. With them are associated some of the most precious memories. I remember how my father used to read to me before bed – he used to change the voice depending on the plot and character. I grew up on the set, so the books were for me communication with the outside world, with friends who have read the same thing.”

Also Emma did not evade the answer to the question about his personal life. The actress confessed that marriage is not now her priorities: “Private life for me is not an abstract idea. I want to be consistent: can’t tell about her boyfriend in interviews, or later the paparazzi will be watching my every move. Hollywood is often the personal relationships of the actors used for the movie promotion is part of the show becomes the people you meet. I hate everyone who tried to use me that way.”

Of course, the journalists did not escape the question about the character Emma is the embodiment of “beauty and the beast: “I used to be afraid of such words as “feminism”, “Patriarchy”, “imperialist”, but I no longer felt fear. In the original version, Belle is the assistant of his father. She’s a disney Princess, but not a passive character – responsible for own destiny”.

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