Emma Watson has lost the opportunity to play in “La La land” because of the “crazy”query

But happiness was so possible. Actress Emma Watson could not hold the role of MIA in the popular film “La La land” because of its “crazy keywords”. The actress who played the witch Hermione in the potterian could become a partner of Ryan Gossling, but instead the main role went to Emma stone.
The official version of refusal of Watson was that she was supposed to star in “beauty and the Beast” — the film adaptation of the popular eponymous disney fairytale.

“Emma was invited for the role of MIA, but she immediately began trying to meet their crazy requests, for example, conduct rehearsals, she could only in London,” said an insider close to the producers nominated for an Oscar movie Damien Chases.
The male lead could also give worldwide fame, and miles Teller, which seemed small fee of $ 4 million. He invited the producers to increase it to six million, but they chose to abandon the actor and invited to the main role of Goslinga.

How much did Ryan not reported, but the chances several times in the evening to go on stage ceremony awards of the film Academy he Oh, high.


Source: http://metro.co.uk
Photo: http://metro.co.uk

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