Emma Watson commented on her half-naked photo shoot

Emma Watson appeared on the pages of the April issue of Vanity Fair magazine in a completely unusual way: the actress that we used to see in a modest closed attire, decided on revelation and almost bared Breasts.

Fans of stars of the “Harry Potter” as soon as I saw that the appearance of his favorite, the media began to criticize, called “bad feminist” and a hypocrite.

Such accusations Emma hated became and commented the situation: “These attacks once again show that there are many misconceptions about feminism. Feminism is the provision of choice for women. It is not a stick to beat with which you can attack other women. It is a movement that talks about freedom, about equality. I really don’t know what to do with it is my chest. It’s disconcerting,” said Watson, who will continue to promote their feminist views in the framework of the programme created with the support of the UN HeForShe.

By the way, among other things Emma told about why not spread about his personal life: “I want to be consistent in their actions. I can’t tell about her boyfriend in interviews, and then complain that the paparazzi are on duty near my house. Surveillance of stars in the period of promotion of the film is like a circus, and I don’t want to close people feel part of the show”.

Recall, for a year, Watson is in a relationship with 36-year-old computer genius William Mack knight.


Source: news.rambler.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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