Elon Musk mixed sex party with corporate – 24???

The representative of Elon musk, founder of corporations, SpaceX and Tesla, confirmed to Business Insider that he had visited a sex party Steve Jurvetson in California. Musk has attended the event for the “corporate costume”.

Businessman held at the party a few hours after discussing with some entrepreneurs, technology and business, and around 01:00 he went home. Musk believes that guests didn’t do any “crazy things” at the party.

Elon Musk | sputniknews.kz

Earlier edition of Vanity Fair published an excerpt from the book “Brutopia” Emily Chang. According to the author, at a party in Silicon valley guests had used psychotropic drugs, and then had an Orgy.

Recall that in August, paparazzi photographed Ilona Mask while making out with American actress amber heard after they announced the breakup. Musk told reporters that he was the initiator of the break with the herd because it was difficult to make “manipulative behavior” of the actress.