Ellen Pompeo was in “grey’s Anatomy” because of the age

Ellen Pompeo was in “grey’s Anatomy” because of the age

Ellen Pompeo understands that age is not only numbers in the passport: the actress admitted that does not leave “grey’s Anatomy”because her “clock is ticking” and, due to its age, it is unlikely to find a worthy replacement for long-running project.

In an interview with People, the 46-year-old actress confessed: “My decision to remain in the “grey’s Anatomy” was based solely on age. In 33 years I, fortunately, had the wisdom to understand that in Hollywood, my clock is ticking”.

Ellen Pompeo said that if I were younger, she would have spent in “grey’s Anatomy” for a number of seasons, and then left to pursue some new projects. However, in the series, the actress started acting at the already Mature age and realized, “it would be difficult to find other roles, if I have forty more.”

“In the end, I decided that I would remain in the “grey’s Anatomy”, I would be grateful and try to stay in the series for as long as I can. And I’m really glad I decided to stay. Over time, the “Anatomy” gets better”.


Source and photo: popcornnews.ru