Ellen Pompeo threw “grey’s Anatomy” if I was younger

It is rare when actors and Actresses are satisfied with their participation in the long-running projects and TV shows – you never know how long it can last and there is always a risk to stay in the memory of fans of “actor of one role”. Actress Ellen Pompeo has admitted in a recent interview with People that would have long ago abandoned the series, but too old to find myself in other projects.

“My decision to stay is based solely on my age. If I were younger, I would have dropped everything and looked for something else. Now what me to throw something super successful, that pay well? I am happy that I decided to stay. Eventually it paid off,” said Ellen.
Recall that the series was released in 2005, and still continues to act. 46-year-old Pompeo plays a major role in it, and the main cast during this time have changed several times.

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