Ellen DeGeneres spoke about the difficult recognition

American TV host Ellen DeGeneres in 1997, announced his sexual orientation, but still remember which way she had to go until close and the audience got used to it.

“In my direction showered with a lot of jokes, some of them really were funny, but most of them were very offensive. It’s cruel. People prefer to offend and humiliate those who are different from them,” said DeGeneres. But the jokes were only flowers, berries were late.
After the coming out year her life became one solid black strip. Show “Ellen” covered, and in my personal life the problems began.
“I didn’t know if I can ever again find a normal job. I was still struggling with himself – wore clothes that I didn’t like. I’ve done that I have no taste..” said Ellen. It took a few years to her, that all fell into place. In 2004, she met Portia de Rossi, my present wife, in 2008 they were married. Show “Ellen DeGeneres” since then is one of the most successful on American television.
“Time is a strange thing. On me fell rocks, no money, no job, but step by step everything was getting better, and now everything is just fine. It is important is to be yourself,” concluded Ellen.

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