Ella Sukhanova hinted at problems with Igor Tregubenko

So, for several months in the network there are rumors about problems in their relationship, and a few publications Ella is only spoken in favor of this theory. However, this assumption is at odds with the words of Igor, who has previously said that about any breakup with his girlfriend, he can’t be out of the question, the site says life-dom2.su.

In addition, recently she and Ella gave rise to doubt in the fortress of her Union with Igor, post a photo from the concert. Sukhanov said that the event had invited her father. Moreover, it is the father of the girl introduced as the main man in my life, thus to belittle Igor in the eyes of subscribers.

“A married woman finds the main man in her life – dad? Strange”, “Frank stone in the garden of Igor Tregubenko” – wrote fans of “House 2”.