Ella Kudryashova told how to pass a casting on “the House 2”

How to get to “House 2”? This is a question that I get asked most often. I left the project 3 months ago, but it always “POPs”. Finally got together and now time will answer this question for anyone interested.

Technically. 1) Complete the online form to participate. 2) you will then be invited to a casting at Samora Machel house 5 in my opinion (googled). He goes there every Wednesday. By the way there is removed the portion of the show, not in a Clearing, and in Urban apartments. 3) At the casting you will communicate with the casting staff of “House 2”, answer the questions and then you either immediately approved or put on a waiting list, or to build love to have in real life. Also you can go on the social. networks will be asked to take an online casting. Plus, if a current member of your friend, you can urgently write or call numbers in the casting “House 2” listed on the website of TNT before application for participation.

How exactly to go, not “go” to the casting? 1) Clearly define who you are. More profitable to look to older participants, or those who in the pair (the love triangle has not been canceled). However, it is better to choose according to liking. 2) you must Have a clear plan to win your vote, which you must announce at the audition. 3) Try to dress better and generally work on yourself. A handsome man is more likely to build a love for the “House 2” and sit in the TV if not indefinitely, then for a long time. Good luck!