Ella Clark z to appear in “Sorani vinah”

Ella Clark z to appear in “Sorani vinah”

Star of the TV series “Gras prestol” priznatsa to caste spin-off “Zorana won” about Han Solo.

Britanska star Emilia Clark narrow-minded maibutnyogo parade their stanovalcev new Rolle in fantasticni history. Actress snimatsa in SPN-off of Koltovich “Zorana won”, the story yakogo respost about unst Kosmonova smuggler Han Solo.

The script FLA, that in Danian hour not got itsuno titles, wide on Ekrani only in 2018 year.

From new project the role of a lead SgrA 26-rcni olden Ehrenreich (“Hai long live Caesar”), and the role Calrsen dsalsa 33-rcinoma Donald Glover (“Super Michael XXL”). Known that scho Ella Clark SgrA centralino inocu . , the role of the character on the screen z be vpershe. As Presa podoljana, scho Qiu casting for the role was held Tessa Thompson, Noam Scott I So Kravc.


Source: woman.ua