Elizaveta Boyarskaya husband was treated for a gambling addiction

Gambling in the modern world is of epidemic proportions. The trouble did not spare the house of Elizabeth Boyar and her husband Maxim Matveev. It turned out that a famous actor had also been suffering from this addiction, but his wife managed to save him.

Recently Elizabeth and Maxim and then excite the media, appearing without a wedding rings in public and provoking rumors about his separation. And although the actor and the actress denies such information, the friends of the artists confirmed: star spouses live as on a volcano. Quarrels arise, mainly due to the fact that both leaders by nature, but there is a jealousy of Elizabeth, and, as recognized sources, the dependence of Maxim.
Insiders said that Matveev squandered at the casino almost all the royalties for the film “Stilyagi”. First, the boyar didn’t realize this, but when he began to lose large sums of money already being married, she was sick of it. Given the fact that the boyar – the more successful actress and earns more than her husband, it is clear that the woman is not satisfied.
“As far as I know, she even helped him with money when he got into debt. Later, Lisa asked her father to assist. They found the best experts, and Maxim has emerged from addiction” — said the man Matveeva.
Journalists started investigating and found out that Maxim and indeed well know among poker players. They confirmed that more recently, Matveev was a regular at these places, but recently disappeared from the horizon.

Source: http://www.dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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