Elizabeth Polygalova still believes in fairy tales

What is important in life? Why all stories, the great stories, songs, movies, books talking about love? Maybe love is all that we need? And you should change your Outlook on life and not to chase the money and public recognition that do not leave time or desire to love, and maybe, in General, lose faith in her? And if you just start sincerely and fully love? Without the use of various psychological techniques, tricks and manipulations that allegedly affect a person! Then there will be happiness and peace! What do you think? Love is important in life? And anyway, maybe the world is so gray and dull, because we don’t believe in fairy tales and believe that all what they show continuous fiction?! I make my life a fairy tale, and still believe in them! Just haven’t decided yet, what’s my name. Give people love and treat them the way you would like them to treat you. Thank you all for your warmth and kindness.