Elizabeth Polygalova openly shared their thoughts

Almost all of my time I spend in thoughts. What are they? Well, let’s talk about it. You love your candor. Basically think about how to start to trust people?! After some situations in my life don’t trust anyone. It always seems that everyone is looking for their own benefit. Nobody does anything for nothing. It seems that everyone is playing their games, and I with their rules, unfortunately, are not familiar with. Scared to meet anyone from men, because all have only one. No one in the modern world is not ready to get a girl, no one wants to earn the trust and just become a soul mate. All just talk but don’t want to do. It is clear that women love with their ears, and when you have these ears overloaded with noodles, it’s hard to get to hear even. Many even remind me of primates. I do not want once again to be wrong. I want to find one man who will be willing to do anything for me, and I, respectively.
I don’t understand why the world has become so depraved and vile? No one believes in miracles. And when I hear about my dreams, they say that I’m just too small. Yes, I’m naive! And I’m glad I am. But now I am very closed to, because I’m afraid of getting burned. Very well! The less you trust someone, the easier it is to live, because then you’re not disappointed, and everything goes as you want, no one can encroach on your fragile peace.

Think about what you need to stand up and raise your family. Who if not me? To rely on someone? Now but himself to rely on anyone. All, just that, running, betray and spit, even if five minutes ago vowed to love or talking about eternal friendship. Options in my head a lot. And think about how to implement them, and how proud of him I’m filled, when I can do anything myself.

Friendship? Em. I tried to be friends with people, but a friend (the same one who checked the time and situations) can call only one person. She is a real friend. You know who I’m talking about. Here is an example: childhood friends with girl (lived together, did everything together, knew all my secrets), I moved, everything! There is no friendship! She didn’t even want to see me when I’m on a couple of days back to her hometown. It’s a shame, but Oh well. I still believe that there is somewhere somehow very real! And I hope that my will come to me. And I can do it. The main thing is always to go forward!