Elizabeth II evicted from the king’s chambers for repairs

The Royal family, nothing human is alien, even such simple and familiar to most of the inhabitants of the earth the phenomenon of repair. Due to the fact that next spring at Buckingham Palace, which currently serves as home to the Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, planned renovation, the couple will have some time to move to less comfortable conditions.

Buckingham Palace has long been in need of repair and restoration, because the message that work will commence in the near future monarchs are not surprised.

Reconstruction of the building, built in the 17th century, experts have called a necessary measure, since all communications come in a state of complete unfitness. The master concluded that further delay will lead to irreparable damage to the building and preserved works of art, antique furniture and other valuable artifacts.

What term is given to the renovation was completely finished, the workers did not specify. We only know that they will hurry but not at the expense of quality. Try brigade will for the sake of their Queen, which at the moment is the big reigning monarch in the world.

Recall that the Buckingham Palace has an area of about 30 thousand square meters, on which there are 775 rooms for different purposes. Repairs can be delayed for several years, because we are talking about replacing 160 miles of wiring, 50 kilometres of pipes, 2,5 thousands of radiators, 1.5 thousand doors, 760 Windows, etc.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: SuperCoolPics

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