Elina Kamiren made a gorgeous gift. Video

However, judging by the staff, that, the blonde finally got lucky. It is likely that the young man was not only rich as dreamed of Karjakin, but also extremely generous. A proof of his liberality may well serve as his most recent gift, the website life-dom2.su.

Ex-member of telestroke not miss the chance to boast a brand new “Aston Martin” black with cream interior. The price of this car can handle over 10 million rubles. In addition, stressed Elina and the fact that rents an apartment in the center of Moscow and are quite happy with the developments in her personal life.

“The Fig to her car when nowhere to live. Or without panties, but wearing a hat. It would be who gave the hut. Maybe someone from the grandmother left,” “I wish Hut I bought, and then hanging around in Moscow, like a Gypsy without a horse” – sarcastically said the audience “House 2”.